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LIVID inspires at Equity Match’s weekly pitch event

LIVID was part of Equity Match’s weekly pitch event on Feb. 7, 2023. Matthias Singer-Fischer, CEO and Co-Founder of LIVID, wowed the approximately 100 live audience members with the advanced features of the sales tool and received overwhelmingly positive feedback.

With LIVID, retailers can showcase their products in an interactive and augmented reality-based shopping experience that allows customers to experience the products up close and buy them directly. The platform provides a user-friendly interface and enables sellers to showcase and sell complex products easily and quickly.

Equity Match’s pitch event was a great opportunity for LIVID to showcase its product to an audience of investors, industry experts and potential customers. The audience was particularly taken with the vision and belief that LIVID will revolutionize the shopping experience for complex products.

LIVID is currently in an expansive growth phase and plans to expand its platform and spread it across Europe in the coming months. With its innovative technology and dedicated team, LIVID represents a future of online shopping where customers can purchase products in an intuitive and fun way.

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