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LIVID wins Start-Up Arena at the 10th German Online Automotive Congress (DOAK)

LIVID won the main prize of the first DOAK Start-Up Arena, which took place during the 10th DOAK Conference. A total of 14 startups participated in the event, which attracted over 3600 spectators.

LIVID brings the Chinese megatrend of live shopping to the realm of complex and high-priced products, enabling sellers to build trust in the digital shopping channel. With LIVID, customers can view products like cars in real time, ask questions, interact with salespeople and complete the purchase – just as they would in a physical showroom.

“We are very excited to be recognized as a top start-up in the DOAK Start-up Arena,” said Matthias Singer-Fischer, founder and CEO of LIVID. “Our goal is to evolve the way customers shop for products with high involvement and this award is a testament to our team’s hard work and dedication.”

LIVID is poised to revolutionize the retail industry with its innovative approach. The company will continue to make its unique platform available to both customers and sellers to make the shopping experience more interactive, personalized and efficient.

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