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LIVID reports on the positive development since winning the Start-up Arena at the 11th German Online Automotive Congress (DOAK)

Monheim, April 24, 2023 – Matthias Singer-Fischer, CEO and Co-Founder of LIVID, was part of the 11th German Online Automotive Congress (DOAK) on April 17.

During an interview with Andrea Patzelt and Hans-Peter Kleebinder, Singer-Fischer explained to the audience the positive path LIVID has taken since winning the first DOAK “Start-up Arena” in January 2023 and why trust-building is so important in the digital purchase of complex products.

Since its founding in 2021, LIVID has set out to change the way complex products are presented and sold digitally. With its augmented live shopping solution, the company is making digital buying more intuitive, personal and interactive for consumers.

In his presentation, Singer-Fischer emphasized the need for permanent adaptation to the zeitgeist, both in showrooms and in his own start-up itself. Because only through adaptation is it possible to optimally cover customer needs, he said. Winning the Start-up Arena has meant that the company has been able to get in touch with potential new customers and work with them to further develop the platform.

The 11th German Online Automotive Congress (DOAK) is one of the most important events for the automotive industry in Germany. More than 3,500 spectators were part of the digital event to discuss the challenges and opportunities that digitalization brings to the industry.

Matthias Singer-Fischer is proud that LIVID is represented at DOAK and has the opportunity to present its vision to a broad audience.

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