From The Showroom Into The Living Room

LIVID live product presentations reach your customers wherever they are – at home, at work, commuting, mobile, on their PC or SmartTV.

You will find yourself doing business with customers hundreds or thousands of miles away.

Use The Power Of Your Retail Network

LIVID transforms your entire retail network into a single online showroom. You can showcase and sell any product from any location in one online session. No need anymore to have every product specification available in every location. Just transfer the session to your colleague or manage the cameras in other locations yourself.

Start Presales Before The Product Is Available In The Market

You know the situation: press and marketing have announced the arrival of the new flashy model – yet it will take another 12 weeks until it will be available in the showrooms.
With LIVID all you need is a single product. Using our 1-to-many presentation mode you can stream product presentations to thousands of potential customers – live and interactive. Across markets and languages.
Using the 1:1 mode, you can take orders and fill your sales pipeline.

Your Showroom Is Where Your Product Is – On Land Or On Water

You cannot always take your product into a proper showroom. A used harvester or a beautiful sailing boat for example.
With our LIVID mobile kit you can do your sales pitch even from the remotest area.

When Corona Strikes Again

Keep your showrooms open. With LIVID. Hyundai Germany increased market share during the first pandemic by providing LIVIDs Online Showroom platform to their dealer network. See what their Sales Director has to say about LIVID…

Run Your Own Virtual Motor Show At The Fraction Of The Costs

Don’t want to spend millions on the next motor show? With LIVID you can run your own show. At a fraction of the cost, yet with measurable results.

Scheduled live presentations of all models, closed user events for dealers, press and VIPs.

We deliver results.

Virtual Shopping Mall

Provide a real-time shopping experience in a virtual mall where customers can join and interact with multiple store-livestreams or just book a personal appointment.

Also, the shops can arrange exclusive events and sell their products via this digital channel.