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LIVID secures place in the Asian Market Discovery Class of the German Accelerator Program

Monheim, April 27, 2023 – The LIVID founding team, led by Matthias Singer-Fischer, is excited to participate in the upcoming “Asia Market Discovery Class” of the German Accelerator Program. After an impressive presentation of their vision in the final stage of the selection process, LIVID was able to secure a coveted spot in the upcoming program.

The German Accelerator Program is known for its commitment to fostering innovation and helping promising startups enter international markets. By participating in the Asia Market Discovery class, LIVID will gain access to an extensive network of mentors, investors, industry experts and resources to accelerate growth and tap into the thriving Asian market.

The Asian market already plays an important role for LIVID, as it has high live shopping penetration and market volume. Live shopping has become an important part of brands’ e-commerce strategies in Asia. LIVID is now looking to reach customers with innovative features such as augmented reality overlays and fill a previously untapped gap in live shopping for complex products.

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