1 to 1

With just one click customers are put through to your sales advisor. In a live-video session the sales staff can answer all sorts of questions and showcase every detail of your product. Big or small. New or used. Inside or outside.

1 to Many

Setting up a live-stream session takes literally seconds. With promoting this event on your socials or your website the sales advisor is presenting your products to up to 1.000 viewers at a time. There is the option to moderate the chat, respond to specific questions or follow up with certain customers in a 1-to-1 session.


Set up recurring webinars to present or teach about your brand and products. These sessions are “by invitation only”. A private link is generated and sent out exclusively to your selected audience. This mode allows you to not only use LIVID as an active selling but a branding tool as well.

What’s LIVID?

Let us quickly show you what we are. But in a video.
Because videos are always the best way of presenting stuff.

LIVID is providing immersive, digital platforms, where retailers, customers and products interact without boundaries.